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Wizard of Wor

How long can you survive in the wizard's deadly maze?

The deadly game's origins remain shrouded in cosmic folklore, and indeed, only the Wizard himself could tell its true tale. For centuries, astronauts have been kidnapped randomly along the trade routes between solar systems, and thrown into the Wizard's space maze for his entertainment. Pitted against hordes of merciless monsters and also pitted against each other, the poor souls who were forced to fight for their lives never lived long enough to escape and tell the tale.

But now, you and your squadron of space marines are out to stop the Wizard once and for all. The problem is, the Wizard was ready for you, and captured your spaceship like all the others before you. Armed with laser rifles, your squadron may actually survive in the space maze long enough to impress the Wizard and draw him into the maze. But seeing the face of the Wizard of Wor may be the last thing you will ever see...

NAME: Wizard of Wor
PLATFORM: ColecoVision Compatible System with SGM Capability
PROGRAMMER: Armando Pérez Abad
MEDIA: Cartridge
Team PixelBoy Collection

For ColecoVision Compatible System with SGM Capability









Former Vaporware

BETA TEST: Michael Markowski
BETA TEST: Joe Blenkle
MANUAL LAYOUT: Dale Crum / Doc4
ELECTRONIC: Harvey deKleine

SPECIAL THANKS: Tobie St-Aubin, Albert Yarusso and all AtariAge forum members.


The programmer went out of his way to reproduce the arcade game as faithfully as possible. For instance, player 2 is CPU-controlled in the single-player mode, a feature which is present in the arcade game but is not present in any of the existing home conversions released in the eighties. The game also features speech samples taken straight from the arcade version!