Eggerland Mystery

Once upon a time, people lived happily in a kingdom of love and peace called Edenaland . Edenaland was blessed with rich crops and beautiful nature. The country was ruled by a good King who had three daughters.

One day, several monsters appeared in Edenaland. After devastating the entire nation, they took away the youngest princess, Lala. Edena, the guardian God of this country was outraged to see the holocaust. He caught the monsters and imprisoned them in an underworld country called Eggerland . To a great sorrow, Lala was also taken into the horrible place. Seeing what has happened, Edena God transformed Lala into several diaframers and her heart into four pieces, trying to deceive the monsters. Then he entrusted the custody of Lala's body to the gods of the East, West, South and North. He then went about to find the bravest young man in the country.

Edena chose a young man named Roro to go to the Princess's rescue. Roro went into Eggerland. Blessed with good brains and bravery, Roro managed through a complicated maze, barely dodged an encounter with the monsters and finally found the four gods. He quickly collected the scattered
diaframers. After the monsters were all confined in the Eggerland, Roro revived Lala.

The King and in fact all the people of Edenaland were happy again and celebrated the safe return of the Princess. The King made the two youngsters marry and they later became wonderful King and Queen of Edenaland.

NAME: Eggerland Mystery
PLATFORM: ColecoVision Compatible System with SGM Capability
CONVERSION: Eduardo Mello
MEDIA: Cartridge
VARIATION: Collectorvision

For ColecoVision Compatible System with SGM Capability









The Eggerland series consists of several puzzle games.
Many titles were made in the series and the gameplay is almost exactly the same in every game as well.
The hero of most games is Lolo, a blue, spherical character with eyes, arms, and legs. The story mainly deals with King Egger, the villain, capturing princess Lala.
Lolo must rescue Lala by travelling through Egger's domain and solving the puzzle rooms laid out before him.
Eggerland Mystery is the first game in the Eggerland series.