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CollectorVision brings you games you've never thought possible for your Colecovision.

With our Collectorvision Games label, you will get new games for other retro-systems.

We are dedicated to give you the maximum quality in term of
Homebrew Games.

If you have any question/comment about our products, do not hesitate to contact us.



NEWS - February 15, 2016

New upcoming games for Colecovision: Drol, Hang On, Sasa, Star Soldier, Jawbreaker II, Jumpland.

New upcoming game for Intellivision: Super Mine-Field

Nuw upcoming game for Atari 2600: Super Trash Truck


NEWS - November 21, 2015

New games available: BombJack and Light Grid Racing.


NEWS - March 31, 2015

Several games for Colecovision and Intellivision are upcoming.


NEWS - Nov 3, 2014

4 new games are available: Tank Challenge, Spunk's Super Car, Comic Bakery and Dungeon & Trolls.


NEWS - Jul 16, 2014

3 new upcoming games: Space Raid for Intellivision and Atari 2600, Nibbli for Colecovision and Sydney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril for Intellivision.


NEWS - Jun 12, 2014

2 new upcoming games: Telebunny and Galaga (requires the SGM).



NEWS - Feb 19, 2014

Moon Patrol can be pre-ordered. There are 3 different boxes: Coleco, CBS and Atarisoft.

A box for Super Action Baseball is being designed.



NEWS - Jan 17, 2014


Please, note that the Arcade Controller is definitely SOLD OUT. A new one may be available at the end of this year. There is no pre-order, so no need to ask, thank you.

A limited edition of Zombie Near on MegaCart is coming soon.

Upcoming titles are: Rip Cord, Monster Bash, a new box for Skiing, ...


NEWS - Dec 30, 2013

New wallpapers have been added in the member zone.


NEWS - Nov 24, 2013

Pong & Computer Space boxset can now be pre-ordered.

Super Mine Field is available!

MTX Vol2. is ready.


NEWS - Sept 4, 2013

Collectorvision Games offers games for any retro-system.

Some games are now available in cart only.

Lode Runner is available!

The 5th anniversary edition of Mr.Chin is ready.

A new edition for Bomb'n Blast.

A new box for Galaxian is avaliable.

Pong and Computer Space will come late.



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