Arcade Quality Controller


Please, note that the Arcade Controller is definitely SOLD OUT. A new one may be available at the end of year 2014. There is no pre-order, so no need to ask, thank you.


- Real Arcade Joystick & Buttons
- Support all 4 Super Action Buttons (no spinner)
- Numeric Keypad
- 2x Side Buttons for Pinball games
- ColecoVision Arcade Quality Controller frontplate (look alike those on the System & Exp. Modules)
- Sturdy Acrylic case
- Removable 5ft non-coiled cord
- Available for both Right or Left handed

Details on on arcade quality controller. Controllers that are usually available at PC wholesale sites do not have the build quality of our professional arcade joystick. Our one of a kind controller has all the controls of the original controller but as a full arcade replacement. Parts and modules from PC wholesale shops help keep the cost of the controller reasonable. Future plans involve distribution through www.pcwholesale.com. Currently the controller is only available through our site.


Arcade Controller