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CollectorVision's Team

Jean-Francois Dupuis
Founder, Project Leader, Producer

Toby St-Aubin
Producer, Shipping, Customer Service

John Lester (gamester81.com)
Producer, Marketing

Chris Derig
Programer, Music/SFX

Programer, Music/SFX

Harvey deKleine
Cartridges Assembly / Hardware Development

Vincent Godefroy
Package & Manual Designer




CollectorVision are always interested in unreleased / one of a kind Coleco stuff.



Publishing Services

CollectorVision can publish your game!
In fact we are always looking for new games to publish for the ColecoVision.

If you are interested, drop us a mail and we will talk about oppotunities offered to you.


- Professional Printing Services
- Boxes, Manuals & Cartridge Label
- Cartridge assembling PCB / Eprom
- Custom Art Works